Friday, June 23, 2006

Let them eat regulations

The London Free Press reports that the Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health is urging the Ontario government to back down from exemptions in its food rules that would allow "religious organizations, service clubs and fraternal organizations serving food at special events and bake sales, as well as farmers' markets food vendors" to go unmolested by food inspectors from Ontario Medical Health Units. Uncoincidentally, these same units are headed by the Ontario Medical Officers of Health.

Graham Pollett, Middlesex Health Unit Officer of Health and advocate of every suggested regulatory or legislative prohibition that could be put under the oversight of his unit had this to say:

"This weakening of basic public health protection puts the public at greater risk of food-borne illness."
Either Pollett is completely self-serving or he is a giant rube… or possibly both. The "public" is certainly not at any risk, only those individuals who choose to go to bake sales or farmers's markets — a risk that is commensurate with the bake sale or market vendors' interests in poisoning their clientele. In other words, hardly worth the expense of an aggressive and over-sized bureaucracy. Pollett is arbitrarily entrenched and protected in his position as a government official by the same government that he is lobbying — yet elected politicians are expected to recuse themselves in matters in which they have a conflict of interest. Not less, but even more should be expected from unelected bureaucrats. Better yet, Officers of Health and every such supervisory government post should be an elected position.


Alberta Pat said...

Londoners may recall that during the BSE crisis in the UK, London-based food inspectors seized all the "Bisto Gravy Granules" (a UK-manufactured gravy powder) from London shops. When it was pointed out to them that it was entirely a vegetable product they refused to relent.

These towering intellects take food off shelves for having too small a French label on it. They have neither brains nor common sense---much like Medical Officers of Health, who, you may be sure, have neither the intelligence nor the character to practise real medicine.

Pietr said...

I hear Ottowa is going to raise the age for sex from 14 to 16;pity.
'Fog should organise an outdoor teenage orgy, and call it the big Fuck Off(like a cook off);then they could get CTV in to report.