Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Just imagine, London

'...The vehicle which conveys away the demons may be of various kinds. A common one is a little ship or boat. Thus, in the south-western part of the province of Ontario, in the city of London, when a whole community suffers from the pains of hypochondria, a small ship is made and filled with canned food, water, enough social assistance cheques and lottery tickets to provide a dignified life, and so forth, along with several canisters of a substance chosen by the wise men of the city to represent sickness, doom, and the tribe's curious, self-destructive sense of shame about Man's dominion over nature.

'A little sail is hoisted on the ship. When all is ready, a man calls out in a very loud voice,"O all ye sicknesses, ye cancers, agues, melancholia, etc., who have visited us so long and wasted us so sorely, but who now cease to plague us, we have made ready this ship for you, and we have furnished you with provender sufficient for the voyage. Ye shall have no lack of food, nor of a chance at an outcome equal to the most envied among us. Depart, evil spirit, and sail away from us directly; never come near us again except when the wealthy do need their golf courses to look pretty; but go to a land which is far from here. Let all the tides and winds waft you speedily thither, and so convey you thither for the time to come we may be sound and well, and that we may never see the sun rise on ye again."

'Then ten or twelve Londoners carry the vessel to the banks of the Thames River, and let it drift away, feeling convinced that they are free from sickness forever, or at least till the next time sickness attacks them again, they are sure it is not the same sickness, but a different one, which in due time they dismiss in the same manner. When the demon-laden bark is lost to sight, the bearers return to the Market Square, whereupon a man cries out, "The sicknesses are all gone, vanished, expelled, and sailed away!" ...'
Apologies to J.G. Frazer.


Honey Pot said...

Is the moral of this story to imply that people are to sit on their asses and do nothing? The Canadian way of bending over to be reamed is losing its charm. The fact that a handful of people picked the dog up by the tail and swung him around city hall was very impressive.

Mike said...

If building and loading that little ship to carry away the demons can save the life of just one child, isn't it worth it?