Thursday, June 1, 2006

Instead Of An Education, Instead Of A Childhood

Jay Jardine:

Try and understand, folks - what we have here are loot-funded medium security prisons, where children are sentenced to twelve-year terms in the company of abusive, hostile cellmates while being force-fed economically and historically ignorant collectivist sewage for hours at a time.


Pietr said...

Don't forget that most important part of being taught a lesson; that they are being punished for being innocent.
Oddly enough if I murdered my bad neighbour, I would probably serve a shorter term than the children.

Honey Pot said...

No jails for children, no children. Who is going to look after them? Not like you can take them to work with you. Somebody got to work. What would you suggest as the alternative to schools? ...the females all leave the workforce, stay home with the darlings, and be treated like chattels.... once again. Better yet, no one should breed, we could be the last of the selfish human chain. Somebody got to procreate, until they can start growing them in jars, and letting them loose when they hit adulthood.

Lisa said...

What would you suggest as the alternative to schools?

Private schools, private tutors and Mom and / or Dad homeschooling their child.

From the Ethics of Liberty, by Murray Rothbard:

The public school system, once a sacrosanct part of the American heritage, is now under severe and accelerated criticism from people across the ideological spectrum. It is now becoming clear (a) that public schools do not properly educate their charges; (b) that they are costly, wasteful, and require high taxes; and (c) that the uniformity of the public school system creates deep and unresolvable social conflicts over vital educational issues—over such matters as integration vs. segregation, progressive vs. traditional methods, religion or secularism, sex education, and the ideological content of learning. Whatever decision the public school makes in any of these areas, either a majority or a substantial minority of parents and children are irreparably injured. Furthermore, compulsory attendance laws are being increasingly perceived as dragooning unhappy or uninterested children into a prison not of their or their parents’ making.

Honey Pot said...

No one is stopping parents from sending their houseapes to private schools, or doing the home schooling, (I am going to make my child into a superior being) thing. It has been my observation that pods that are homeschooled, tend to take on the paronoid traits of their parents. They usually end up as suicide bombers or anti-social whack jobs.Nobody likes their kids that much that they don't need a break from them, and the longer the better.Hey Lisa, it is compulsory that I show up at work everyday, or I don't get a pay-cheque. Good idea to have the darlings in school when their parents are at work. Do the math. It just ain't that hard to figure out.

MapMaster said...

And it is my observation that people who have been reared by public schools tend to blow ugly moronic generalizations about like bubbles sluggishly escaping from the fermenting swamp of swill they have been taught. Of course, I have no idea whether you yourself went to a public school or not, so I won't venture to suggest that your own primate parents had no greater aspirations for you. Though I've no doubt that they were proper communal lice-groomers themselves and dutifully regarded any self-made advantage as a vulgar anti-collective pretension to superior ape-hood. But there's a simple solution to the problem of the math you cite — just raise taxes even more to reduce the remaining minority of parents who to date can still take advantage of private schools or home schooling.

Lisa said...

It has been my observation that pods that are homeschooled, tend to take on the paronoid traits of their parents.

It has been my observation that a large percentage of "pods" educated in public schools believe they have a "right" to handouts and free stuff. They tend to internalize the agenda of the state, thereby making victims of themselves while feeding off the blood of other victims.

. . it is compulsory that I show up at work everyday, or I don't get a pay-cheque. Good idea to have the darlings in school when their parents are at work. Do the math. It just ain't that hard to figure out.

No HP, it is not "compulsory" to show up to work everyday. I am free not to show up to work and I won't get arrested if I don't, but the result is no pay-cheque and eventually, no job. But wait! There's always the welfare state to save us! It is a tragedy that anyone has to "earn" their livelihood in the first place! If only the manna would full in equal portions from the heavens!

Do the math HP - we await your universal equation for collective justice.

Pietr said...

What with all this bullshit raining down, I and everybody else must know I was absolutely right when talking of the complete injustice of incarcerating innocents for the crime of being born; I guess the state has borrowed 'Original Sin' as the excuse for its crime.

Honey Pot said...

You guys are talking out the top of your hats. Children generally like other children, they like to socialize.I don't see schools as torture chambers. Do the schools need tweaking? Oh yeah, sure they do. Schools are not overly good at pinpointing the unique gifts, and intelligence that all children possess.

Not to worry though, there will not be any need for schools in a couple of decades.... well schools as we know it. Children will be isolated in their homes, sitting in front of a computer learning, while mommy, daddy and the survelliance team wave to them, via the webcam. Someone will eventually invent a force field that will zap that isolated child every time they make a move to escape the virutal learning environment.

Yes, Lisa, I too have noticed how happy and content people look as they are standing in line at the soup kitchen, and food bank. They live such a glamourous life on welfare. Maybe you could try it. We will take away your job, safety nets:(mommy and daddy's cheque book), and you too could be pushing a shopping cart down Dundas, filled with rags, and a well worn smelly sleeping bag.

Pubic Skul Rawk! said...

Wut R U gis rgyuing abowt?

Pubic skul rawks! Thows "prihvat" skuls rnt so gr8. I no lotz of kidz whose go to prihvat skuls an they R dum!

At 1 skul, they tel my frend wutz supozed to be "evil" an wutz supozed to be "gud". At leest in pubic skul, nobuddy 4ces that krap down your throte! Thair is no such thing as "gud" or "evil". Itz all just mad up. In pubic skul, owr teechers no that, at leest.

rhebner said...

"They usually end up as suicide bombers or anti-social whack jobs"

My son is home schooled. If you could wait a few years I'll let you know if he straps on the old explosives belt and runs into a Isreali eatery.

gm said...

You guys make it seem like famalies should look after peas. This is a job for the state...haven't you read Plato he said it all. It's either Prussian stlye schools or were all headed to the dreaded state of freedom and we know were that will lead. Death, mayhem and anarchy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Honey Pot - Teacher or Day Care Worker? definitely childless, have feelings and delusions of grandeur, and a dose of liberal guilt (all taken care of with a $20 donation or a self righteous rant)

Pietr said...

Children do enjoy a little association.
That's how they learn to get on.
Of course, when this is transferred to an unchosen environment with unchosen peers, then it all becomes about survival.
And they unite in their hatred of adults.
So we have a malleable revolutionary army ready-made for people like Pol-Honey-Pot to harness to the cause by being infinitely sympathetic-and seeking to destroy authentically adult individuals.

Honey Pot said...

No, I just like to argue.
Especially with people who don't agree with me. Something entertaining about that for me Annoy.

Private schools will tell you anythng you want to hear. You are paying them afterall. You could beat your children silly, and get away with it, if you paid the big bucks. You could conform them into the mean weirdo freak of your choice.

Many brillant people have came out of the public school system. People, who wouldn't have made it farther than cleanning your toilets if they had not the opportunity to attend.

You are all a bunch of selfish silver-spooned tories, that are waiting for the revial of the feudal system. It scares you that it could come to be, that you could not look at the lower socioeconomic classes, as less than. I find it amusing.

Anonymous said...

Lucky me, I like to argue too.
Private schools are excellent, Mathew’s Hall here in London has a max. class size of 10. If I could afford it, my kids would be there.

I personally came out of the public system and am happy to hear that I, and so many of my colleagues, are brilliant. Just think what we could have done with an education that was geared to us, more teachers and individualised help, my parents actually having say in the content and subjects being taught.

You seem to think that everyone who disagrees with you is a "selfish silver-spooned Tory". That would then make you thieving Liberal or a bleeding heart socialist?

Here's the crux of it for me, and what I will teach my children. "The harder I work the luckier I am"

ojkdffv said...

I didn't say you were brilliant Annoy. You might be, but more than likely your fears and bias taught to you by your parents, and other adults in your life, put a stopper to that. Good idea you have there though. An education geared to each individual child. Can you imagine what it would be like if each child was told they were special and their potential tapped? Not happening now, but it could. Society would have to get rid of whole whack of ism's to accomplish that.

Ian Scott said...

"Many brillant people have came out of the public school system."


That's a good one. What's your point? Many learn how to become alcoholics in the public school system, and come out alcoholics. So what?

Many brilliant people never attended high school.

Honey Pot said...

My point is...that though school is not everyone's cup of tea, they do serve a purpose. Pretty hard to entertain older children in schools. The teenagers who do opt out of attending high school, usually end up forming packs, spending their days trying to find ways to fuck things up for others. The streets of Brazil are chock full of children who by no choice of their own do not attend school. They shoot them like dogs on the street when they catch them up to no good.

You can find alcoholics in every walk of life. You don't have to attend a public school to become one.

Pietr said...

So,is there a private school for alcoholism then?

basil said...

"So,is there a private school for alcoholism then?"

I'm working on it.