Wednesday, June 7, 2006

I get even more Zionist with every frame

Little Green Video Harvest:

Ehud Olmert's brother is confronted by something like this:

"You derive your power from economics, I derive my power from ridiculously mistaken belief in an afterworld, whose particulars are calibrated by gangsters to appeal to gullible young men like myself."
during a Q&A at UC Irvine. Watch for the shudder that passes through the room when Olmert assures the questioner in no uncertain terms that Hamas will be punished for its sick crimes.

Still not enough? Hear a UC Irvine speech from Amir Abdel Malik Ali, a nothing who like many nothings throughout history has found meaning through attachment to a genocidal cause.
"Yo check this out. The Zionists, and the all powerful lobby that makes me appear as the loser I actually am, also want to surgically, deceptively misinterpretate hatred of Jews and calls to exterminate Israel into some kind of genocidal anti-semitism."
With backup calls from the Admiral Ackbar Chorus, of course; this stuff is only fun if you have a herd to shout the marketing slogan/chorus back at you.