Thursday, June 22, 2006

Holes and Gaps

The mismanagement continues in London Ontario:

City hall will take a second crack at a botched sewage job that left a borer stuck in a hole and burned a hole in taxpayers' pockets.

The first attempt to bore under 22 sets of tracks at the CN rail yard in east London ended with a borer stuck, an adjacent intersection closed for 20 months and a legal battle that ended with the city paying nearly a million dollars to patch the road, redirect the sewer and extract the borer.

Now city staff and a city committee want to pay a new engineer $343,000 to design the work.

Their recommendation goes to city council on Monday.

Until the design work is completed, there's no way to know how much it will cost or if the work will again disrupt traffic at the intersection of Pine and Oak streets, said Ron Standish, the city's director of wastewater treatment.

"It depends on the design," he said yesterday.
In the meantime, the raw sewage flows into the Thames.