Thursday, June 22, 2006

Gina Barber wants control

While the tireless social activist aspiring to political power finds that he cannot depend on the relatively small consituency of sympathetic moonbats for electoral success, the simple name recognition acquired from repeatedly sticking his face in public might generate a larger consituency of careless and idiotic voters. It finally worked for Irene Mathyssen in the last federal election, and now, according to the London Free Press, one of the city's most tireless and chronically unsuccessful aspirants to political power is running for board of control. Gina Barber, pictured at right participating in an anti-war rally in Victoria Park last year (see below), is a member of the Ontario NDP executive, a two-time failed NDP candidate in the last two federal elections, an environmentalist and pesticide ban proponent, and anti-development activist — in short, an unrequited communist.

Just as importantly to Jane Bigelow, former mayor of London ('72-'78) and once Ontario vice-president of the NDP, Gina Barber is a woman, exclusionary politics being the divide-and-conquer mainstay of modern socialists.

"She'll be supportive of family and women's issues…"

Women tend to be more involved than men at the community level, so their representation on council is important, Bigelow said.

"We need a voice that will stand up for women."
Women's issues must have become a municipal responsibility around the time Bigelow was mayor, women being a separate class of citizens for use in political manipulation. The implication of Bigelow's assertion on behalf of women is that men tend more to want the community level to leave them the hell alone, so their representation on council is superfluous.

The rapacious ego of the social activist despises the community that does not think like him and unerringly tempts him to take community involvement to mean involving the community in his own nihilistic schemes whether they like it or not. A council made up of Gina Barbers could be expected to expand its authority in issues not generally understood to be or barely tolerated as municipal jurisdictions. The London Fog wishes Gina Barber the least of luck in the upcoming election and a speedy return to the unpaid moonbat parade.


Lisa said...

The implication of Bigelow's assertion on behalf of women is that men tend more to want the community level to leave them the hell alone, so their representation on council is superfluous.

I'm a woman and my representation on council is likewise superfluous. Not only do they refuse to piss off and get a real job, they cite "my kind" as a justification for their evil appropriation and restributive schemes.

Pietr said...

Why do 'peace activists' always wear such violent expressions?

rhebner said...

they don't look like the most cheerful sort do they?

Poster = "Stop the violence" Isn't the violence in Iraq being perpetrated by a small group of angry muslims against a larger group of peaceful muslims? i.e. roadside bombings, bombings in schools, police stations, markets etc.

If so, then shouldn't these protestors take their signs to the streets of Baghdad? I'm doubting most terrorists are reading the London Freep or watching the local news on the television.

Honey Pot said...

Ok, so she is no prize.... come to thing of it, neither am I. It is not a beauty contest. There is a need for more women in politics. Not too much good is going to be accomplished by shutting out females. Hard for a female to get elected though, because of the way we are socialized. It sucks the big one. She'll get the board of control seat. She is sort of a crusty bitch, and will go toe to toe with the males running for board of control.

Pietr said...

I see ugly people every day, but they mostly look attractive because of the personality behind the face.
In other words they are human and that makes me like them.
These 'activist' people augment their own ugliness with their expressions; they make themselves monstrous by expression of their own, unconscious self-loathing.

They project this onto some 'cause' or other, and some people(usually people like me) find themselves the frequent and unwilling trigger of their reactive hatred.
The reaction is the 'last ditch' defence of their minds against human conscience;beyond this emote lies the path to the redemptive actions of self-respect.

The worst form is the unconscious form, because even ordinarily friendly people can become carriers, and find their acquired self-loathing reinforced by any loathsome aggressions they may commit.

The point is reached where they must either confront themselves or descend into guilt-rejection fuelled psychopathology.