Thursday, June 29, 2006

Get the hell off my property

Hurray to Norfolk County council for refusing to take $350,000 in provincial funding from the trough to implement the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. Better yet, the reason the funding was rejected is because the county is refusing to enforce the province-wide ban. If only London City council were so principled!

But the Lords lording over the lords are determined to force that funding, and with it, enforcement of the ban. The UN is monitoring the situation closely:

Ontario's chief medical officer of health is weighing her options now that Norfolk County, the heart of Ontario's tobacco-growing region, has refused to enforce the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

Dr. Sheela Basrur has legislative remedies at her disposal that would force Norfolk to accept funding for a full-time enforcement officer. This includes the Health Protection and Promotion Act, which details the responsibilities local boards of health have toward the public.

Basrur also has the option of appointing an enforcement officer that answers to her office.

"My first preference would be that Norfolk, as the local board of health, perform its responsibilities directly," Basrur said yesterday. "I don't want to go around council. But at the end of the day, we will ensure that these responsibilities are carried out properly."
Step forward if you remember electing Sheela Basrur to police your emissions.


Gordon Pasha said...

Hey, Sheela, I have a responsibility that needs enforcing. Bitch. Sorry guys, I couldn't resist. Don't post htis stuff if you don't want me to get angry! lol

Lisa said...

heh heh - I didn't write much about Sheela because all I could think of were obscenities, the mildest one being "bitch."