Friday, June 16, 2006

First they came for the vending machines…

… then they came for my fridge and there was no Twinkie left for me.

"It's all about behaviour change…"
"We need to change some mindsets…"

— from comments by Dr. Stephanie Atkinson, a McMaster pediatrics professor who specializes in nutrition, and Bill Fenwick, director of culture and recreation in Hamilton, for this article in the Hamilton Spectator:

The same week that Statistics Canada reported Hamiltonians are 20 per cent more likely to be obese than other Canadians, city council made it mandatory for one-quarter of all food offered in vending machines and concession stands [at its recreation centres] to follow Canada's food guide by next year.

The goal is to get to half and sell the healthy choices for the same price or less than the junk food.

[…] To promote the healthier food, the city will have a $5,000 marketing campaign including signs, banners, taste tests and graphic menus.
Here's a question: wouldn't the social engineering of nutrition be more efficient if the government just took over altogether and issued rations?

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What_The_Puck? said...

Aww don't worry, 20-30 more years of Liberal rule and we'll finally be living in a communist dictatorship, err I mean their socialist utopian dream!