Monday, June 26, 2006

Famine predicted in Mitchieville Ontario

Insurgents in London are strongly encourging insurgents in Mitchieville to force democratic elections. According to homeless crackheads in East London, the collective members of London Fog are planning to infiltrate the central bureaucratic holding power over the town. Soon to be appointed Minister of Government Services, (adjust your blogroll Mayor and Fenris), London Fog will effectively rule over all of the cabinet ministers in Mitchieville and achieve world peace, Bono-style.

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The Mayor said...

Famine? Surely you gest. Recall the wise policy of the Mayor to pre-evacuate our homeless, our at risk youth, and our drug addicted, to the safest place in Ontario, Elliot Lake. There, they live in resort like conditions, because nothing is too good for those dependably dependent. Here, they eat a nutritious Greenpeace diet of bran, bark, and beetles. Here, they raise their consciousness and explore exciting options in the Radium Recycling Facility. Here, they live in politically correct and authentic housing based upon middle 14th century indigenous peoples. Without fire wood to cook or heat their huts, there is no global warming.

Its all good,

Fenris Badwulf