Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Double Dipping Thrice Over

Police Chief Murray Faulkner wants the city to pass a bylaw holding landlords responsible for the "costs" of busting "grow-ops" run by tenants, even if they have no idea the tenants are using the property for such purposes. If a grow-op is found within a public housing complex, is the city responsible, or are all Londoners to be blamed for not spying on and reporting their neighbours? Either way, it's the citizens that see little return for their efforts.

If the suggestion by London police is adopted by city council, a property owner — even if they’re in no way connected to the pot growing — would cover the costs police run up while razing a grow-op.

“You can’t just say ‘I rent it but I don’t know what goes on,’” said Faulkner, who broached the subject with the police services board last week.

“I think a lot of people, as long as the cheques come in, they don’t care. But that does nothing for our community, that’s for sure.”
Evil Capitalist Landlords should be held responsible for the costs of their tenants poor nutritional choices too. The second hand smoke inhaled on their premises is a significant burden on the health care system and that's bad and we must recover the costs by stealing their money. Landlords, your tenant's bad habits deprive the collective of power.

. Substitute the words 'the City of London Ontario' for the words "a country."

When a country directs a portion of its law to guaranteeing its own precedence in the defense of its citizens, it most readily does so by subverting the authority of individuals to guarantee their own.
While the police are busy busting people for growing plants, the real criminals, those that disregard the property rights of other people, roam the streets virtually unchecked. The police should be kicking the crackheads off people's porches rather than arresting peaceable people for possessing and growing marijuana. A landlord has every right to enforce his rights in respect to his tenants, so if he finds the practices of the tenant are damaging his property and in violation of the mutually originally agreed upon contract, the landlord is totally within his rights to evict the tenants. However, the landlord is under no obligation to ensure the well being of "the community", whatever that could coherently mean, and neither is the landlord "obligated" to exercise his own rights in regards to his own property and is free to allow tenants to make use of the property in any way they so choose, even though it may devalue his investment. Stupid, yes, but it's the landlord's choice.

The police force in London receive $66.86 million annually from the taxpayers to enforce the law. That money is to cover the cost of their salaries AND investigations. But when you're fighting the spirits contained within the leaves, no amount of money is enough.

"With responsibilities do not necessarily come rights."

Go read Mike's post:
So in effect, the police would get paid double to waste everybody's time ripping up harmless plants. This reduces the incentive to spend time going after car thieves and insurgents. Those people are worth less money and on top of that are more likely to defend themselves with violence.


Anonymous said...

I also heard that the Upper Thames conservation authourity is using police to patrol the trail around Fanshawe lake and cite people who have not entered throught the main gate and paid the daily fee. Yes cracking down on mountain bikers getting some exercise on public land.

Little Tobacco said...

it does not matter if the plants are harmful or not, the real issue is the right of the tenant to peacful enjoyment of the property for which he pays rent. The Landlord has contracted away occupancy and cannot enter without consent or by the power of legislation.

Anonymous said...

The Uppper Thames River people are the dumbest assholes in the city... they think they have the moral highground and can tell people when and where they can exercise... i got a ticket once for riding my bike in meadowlilly, which, along with pond mills, behind parkwood hospital, and every other decent place to ride in the city, is controlled by this fiefdom of morons. you can't bike anywhere, especially on city roads or sidewalks, and now these assholes want to get the cops to catch people for enjoying life?? fuck them... they think they are so great because they are supposed to protect the river valley ecosystems, but they fall seriously short of the mark when they think they can dictate to people and ticket them for riding on a trail... it ruins the trail they say... ya right, bikes don't ruin the trail whatsoever, and hardly anyone ever WALKS on the trails either.

I love the environment, am an environmentalist, and recycle everything i can get my hands on... but i don't go around with a pompous smirk on my face like the dick who looks like kevin bacon and try to prevent people from using the trail system. its there to be used, so don't try to stop me from using it...

and the reason people sneak in to the back of the park is because those retards keep upping the cost of entry from about $3 three years ago to $5 today, and that doesn't include the cost to park in the shit hole called fanshawe park... if i'm paying fees, i expect the trail to be clearly marked (which it is not), be cleared for safety, some stunt and technical sections should be added, and how about making a lane at the back so you don't have to ride down a down a dangerous rode with fucking gravel trucks flying by at warp-speed??? Fuck them, i'm going to keep sneaking around having fun... just try and stop me!

London Ontario said...

I wonder what they would say about this on the Ontario Tenants Rights web site?