Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Don't forget your towel!

While the insurgents roam the streets of London Ontario in search of the purses and wallets of law-abiding citizens, city police are for the next two weeks focusing on cyclists.

London police will be on the lookout for scofflaw cyclists in a safety blitz starting Monday.

The two-week crackdown is aimed at charging the worst two-wheeled offenders and educating others about the rules of the road -- which some think they're above.
Be forewarned cyclists of London. The police mean business, and those fines fund that business.
Police will focus on the downtown core and on the city's network of bike trails.

Besides unlawful traffic movements, they'll also be on the lookout for equipment must-haves, such as horns, lights and brakes.

Bikes must be equipped with a white light at front and at least a red reflector at the back.

Anyone under 18 must wear a safety helmet and parents are responsible for children under 16 who don't wear them.


- Biking on sidewalk: $135.

- Running a red light: $180

- Not wearing child safety helmet: $85

- Lack of proper lighting: $35

- Improper brakes: $110

- No horn or bell: $110

- Cycling the wrong way on a one-way street: $110.

- Ignoring railroad crossing restrictions: $110

- Riding in a crosswalk: $110
You don't have a bell on that bike because you have a voice? Couldn't purchase a bell or horn because the city sold out of bells within twenty-four hours of the Free Press Story? Too bad says the officer as he writes you a ticket for $110 - I'm here to protect you from yourself.


pagno said...

that sucks. what a waste of time and money. i like your blog. i stumbled accross it accidentally a while back. keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across you too, just come from SDA where the beer and the testosterone are flowing...
Was that an Arthur Dent reference, the towel thing?

p.s. it's not easy being anonymous when you've had 17 beer, a prostate exam, and busted for not having a towel ;o

p.p.s. Douglas Adams is almost my fave writer of all time :) Sure hope I am not way off base hooking your post up with Adams, but then I have had 17 beer and wouldn't wish a prostate on my enemy ;)

Pietr said...

We are all prostrated before the late, great Douglas.
Tis a pity he died without seeing his movie.
Of course, I remember the origianl radio series.I tried listening secretly under the covers, but it was so funny I nearly shat.