Sunday, June 4, 2006

Chickens of enlightenment coming home to roost

The Mayor of Mitchieville pretends to pose the very questions of the day that all care-bear progressive Canadians devoted to the enlightened manufacture of nuance and diversion are demanding in earnest:

What we, as Canadian citizens should be asking ourselves right now is this: Are the suspected Terrorist-Canadians being treated fairly in jail, are they getting fed a diet of culturally and religiously sensitive foods in detention? What are the root causes of this evil, and what can we do to make the Terrorist-Canadians feel better so that this doesn't happen again?
Where the Mayor goes wrong and exposes his credentials as a progressive multicultinormative as a gaseous fraud is that no genuine member of the enlightened generations of Liberal-raised Canadians would maliciously suggest the contemptible term "Terrorist-Canadian." "Militant-Canadian," "Oppressed-Class-Canadian," "Culturally-Misunderstood-Canadians," perhaps…