Saturday, June 17, 2006

Buying political peace

If you want peace, work for justice.
— H.L. Mencken

Or, if justice is politically inexpedient or simply incomprehensible, you can try to buy peace with other people's money. From the Toronto Star:

The provincial government has agreed to purchase a tract of land that has been the subject of a long-standing and sometimes-violent land dispute in Caledonia.

A lawyer for the provincial attorney general’s office announced the deal at a special court hearing this morning. The lawyer, Dennis Brown, would not say how much the province will pay for the land, which developers say has a market value of $45 million.

[…] The province intends to hold the land in trust while talks aimed at ending the occupation continue between representatives of the Six Nations, the province and Ottawa.
In trust… for what? For a bit of outside-the-media-spotlight accommodation of a spot of casino land a few months down the line in reward for a mutually satisfactory end to the thuggery? Nah, couldn't be, these are Liberals we're talking about, after all…

Update, June 19: Dalton McGuinty, the Man Who Surrendered, per Gods of the Copybook Headings:
In a stand-off it's the weakest party that blinks. True to form Dalton McGuinty blinked.
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Honey Pot said...

Down to the ninth inning....

White man 500 First Nations 1

Honey Pot said...

You know there is no way the OPP are going to risk another racially motivated killing,like in Ipperwash. Their hands are tied. It might have been government ordered, but the Opp took the fall for that one. Not an overly bright bunch of guys. They didn't have enough sense to hide all those racist cups, shirts and photos they were passing around. Yeppers, that got them in great big trouble...sort of.

The Mayor said...

I think Honey Pot hit the nail on the head. The cops are a bunch of racists, and the indians are innocent and pure. The indians are hard done by and oppressed, so if they break the law, that is just fine. It makes up for all those centuries of oppression, etcetera, etcetera.

And if the local white folks get to thinking that the cops cannot protect property rights, and that the indians are going to continue to be a threat to their property, lives, and livlihood, I am sure the cops will stop them. I know that the indians have their people infiltrated into the cops, passing them information. There is no way that the local outraged white folks have sympathizers in the police.

Yes, this is one big happy, huggly cuddly politically correct outcome. The coffee cup proves it all. Yup.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this

Honey Pot said...

Your problem is Map, is that the property rights you are forever campaigning for, are exclusive to the white man.

First nations were not a conquered people, in the sense that we are made to understand conquering. Their land was just expropriated, in a polite Canadian way. Well not overly polite. The Canadian government knew to destroy the First Nations they would have to come up with a plan. They took their children from them, and tried to beat the Indian out of them. That kinda backfired on them. Along the way a few of the First Nations became educated, and that is where the problem all started. Nothing more terrifying to the Canadian government, than an educated First Nations. They picked up on that property rights thing, and the charter real quick like. There lies the problem, and the moral of the story. If you are going fuck people over, it is best to keep them under the heel of your boot, and deny them a right to an education.

MapMaster said...

The Caledonia thugs are hardly demonstrating for property rights, they're just agitating to abscond with the property. Hardly an endorsement of property rights on their part. But I agree with you that they "picked up on ... the charter real quick like" like every other group with real or imagined grievances looking for special privileges or immunities.

Honey Pot said...

The First Nations don't see it that way. They see it as their land being absconded from them. Having to wait upwards of 50 to a hundred years for land claims to be settled, is pissing them off. Their grievances are very real, and recent.

You must be referring to the special privileges the first nations were allotted in Canada. What do they want? They were given the right to vote in 1960. I suppose you think they should be thankful their children were taken from them, placed in residential schools to be beaten, and raped by those upstanding Canadian christians. Yeah they had it real good.

You want to have a quick lesson on how to eradicate a people, you don't have to look any farther than the polite gentle country of Canada to get one.