Sunday, June 11, 2006


gm said...

Ever try and inhale water.... People die every year from that.

Former Londoner said...

So much for my Chemistry degree!

gm said...

Frankly I do not care about pesticides I have never used them and don't plan on ever using it. If people want to use them on private property then if the danger is within acceptable limits then OK.
The banners seem obsessed with power and are willing to go on forever to make sure they get a bi law.

Honey Pot said...

Good news GM, they got their bylaw. Danger is within acceptable limits??? Acceptable to whom? If your green lawn is infringing on my rights to a safe and healthy community, it got to go. You want to bathe in the stuff, go for it, but don't drain it down the city sewers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Honey they got there bylaw. Of coursek, you better not be planning to leave your house. All the fun untrained homeowners will be out in the night with there bottles of 24D. Let's not forget all the exemptions.

The bylaw should have read -
Homeowners in London will not be allowed to spray for weeds. That is all this bylaw said.

This bylaw is only a political move to shut some yelling lobbiests up. Typical London council mentality, pass a bylaw that does nothing to address the major users of pesticides, publisise the bylaw, attempt to enforce the bylaw at a huge cost, and eventually pay the lawyers to defend the bylaw in court (it will happen). All costing property tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a reduced property value - rah rah london.

Pietr said...

How many roads must a weed grow down,
before they call him a weed?
The pesticide my friend,
is blowing in the wind,
the pesticide is blowing in the wind.

Mike said...

Yes, 'n how many fevers must a back yard spawn
Before an application is approved?
'N' how many times must I point out
It was my name on the deed before I moved?
'N' how many allergies must Lond'ners suffer through
Before "hippy science" claims are proved?

The pesticide, my friends,
Is still blowing in the wind,
The pesticide is blowing in the wind.

Pietr said...

Honey Pot has a right to be safe and healthy if that means free of other people's poisons while on her own property(including temporary property from rental and public space).
But what exactly is a 'right to a healthy and safe community?

Honey Pot said...

Sore, I think you are sort of a quasi-bright guy. Can you not see the link between someone having their lawns sprayed with toxins, and the effect it would have on the other properties around it?

I don't care if you want to cover your property with plastic pink flamingos, and dance naked on the front lawn during the full moon. I actually prefer the company of unique people. When your pesticide use is effecting the health of my children or myself, I am going to do whatever it takes to stop you. I see it as you infringing on my rights.

Anonymous said...

Honey - You don't have any kids. You sure do seem to have a lot of spare time. It'll give you lots of time to patrol the streets looking for the midnight sprayers. You can lead the posse of vigilantes up and down residential streets and beat anyone using pesticides into submission using your dandelion puller.

Honey Pot said...

Annoy, don't you fret over it. I will look after your kids for you, and make sure they are not exposed to unnecessary toxins. Bad enough they suffer from environmentally induced asthma, I will try and keep the gatekeepers in line from adding more toxins to the soup.

Anonymous said...

Honey - Don't worry about my kids, I don't need anyone to look after them but me and those who I choose. I take full responsibility for them, their actions and their future. That is what this is all about to me. You just don't get it. I have a big; no HUGE problem with the government pushing it's way into MY yard, MY home, MY life. I just want the government to LEAVE ME ALONE to do what I think is best for myself and my family. That is what freedom is supposed to be about. You should go live in a socialist country if that's what you want, me I just want to live in a country where they don't trample on your rights.

Honey Pot said...

yeah, and you believe it is in the best interest of your child to spray your yard with toxins. You got any other strange notions that you feel are in the best interest of your child?

That same government that you detest, protects you from some bigger and stronger person coming over to your house, kicking in your door and taking your property and family from you. Think about that.

MapMaster said...

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Rationality Works Better said...

Please define toxin for all of us here, Honey. Does it mean something with a technical-sounding name? Or maybe toxin refers to anything that you don't understand.

Ignorance sure is bliss, but only at the expense of others, yes? The problem isn't a matter of being or not being protected by the government, it's a matter of people without the proper background knowledge or consultation making decisions based on emotional rhetoric...something that some remarks here seem to rely upon. You may have a point, but let's back it up with some credible references instead of emotion-tugging catch phrases which can so easily lead us up the wrong path.

Some pesticides are incredibly dangerous, but they're already illegal. Others present a small danger, and most people don't use or sell them. MOST are completely innocuous (unless you decide to shovel them into your mouth by the spoonful). Of course, if you're afraid of the word chemical, you're welcome to live in the vacuum of space. Keep in mind that our health, longevity, and quality of life are better than ever thanks to Chemists (among other Scientists). Besides, the fact that we even know of the dangers is also thanks to modern chemistry, not hippie-ism.

For more information, consult any peer reviewed literature. Textbooks are relatively cheap when compared with ignorance and internet-science, check it out.