Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Arthur Majoor in The Londoner this week

Arthur Majoor, candidate for Mayor of London in November's municipal election, speaks to Philip McLeod in this week's The Londoner about himself, financial responsibility and the proper role of local government:

At age 45, married with two kids, the defining moment for him came over the issue of spending $200,000 to fix up Oxford St. – “just before a big professional golf tournament.” That would have been, he says, a “waste of money to benefit a few at the expense of many.”

That’s a theme he returns to often as he ticks off the four points in his election campaign:
  • To cut $100 million from the city’s operating budget, almost 20 per cent.
  • To cut taxes by 10 per cent, an average of about $300 per homeowner. “This will provide the means for opportunities for many citizens, rather than provide large benefits for the few.”
  • To realign the remaining budget to fund infrastructure repairs which “support the personal, social and economic activities of all Londoners.”
  • To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of London’s protective services by reallocation resources and innovative organizational changes.
[…] He’d cut $100 million from the city’s $550 million operating budget by reducing city services to what he sees as its core – protection, roads, water and sewer. He’d stop funding the library system. He’d sell or close all the public rinks and swimming pools, he’d stop subsidizing the John Labatt Centre, Grand Theatre and Orchestra London. He’d get out of the public housing business.

“We need a different vision on the direction the city should take,” he says without apology. “The City of London needs to move away from supporting things that should be funded by the community, by the users. It’s not necessary for the city to do all these things.

“If people want libraries, arenas and theatre, they should be paid for by the people who use them. If you have to ask the taxpayers for support it is a sign these things are failing.”
Read the rest here (article archived for one week only). Arthur Majoor's declaration of candidacy can be found here… he can be reached by email at this address.


Publius said...

So, his chances are somewhat greater or somewhat less than a snowball in the middle of a Hamilton summer.

MapMaster said...

Even a decent showing for Mr. Majoor would be a decent showing for London.

Honey Pot said...

He ain't got a chance, coz Annie Marie is the bestest.

I am trying to think if there is anyone in London who would even stand a slight chance, and I can't think of anyone.

MapMaster said...

Tom Gosnell?

Honey Pot said...

Nope, Tom is toast.

Mercy that Anne Marie looked absolutely beautiful yesterday. Her life has a fairy tale quality to it. Little Italian east London girl beats all odds to become Mayor of city. Marry's her prince, and no doubt a bambino will be the next big event.

When I saw her I just felt like singing, "Don't cry for me Argentina"

Clarity said...

Well I talked to Anne-Marie, told her of a grave concern facing London. You know what, she is the dumbest, most clueless person I have ever talked to. In fact I can't even believe she made mayor. I am convinced that it was a grooming, like Bill Clinton, the Bushes, Harper. Probably Masonic too knowing London and all its secret clubs, wooohhoo.
But seriously, anybody, repeat anybody but her. If she makes it again i guess London will look pretty again for another term. Just remember what they did to Lady Diana in the end. Wake up people.