Monday, June 19, 2006

2+2=5, but at least little Billy isn't fat

Last night, three of the London Fog members had the pleasure to meet up with our most faithful commenter, Sorehead from the UK, right here in London Ontario. At the end of the evening, we offered Sorehead a lift to his hotel. As we bumped along the streets, dodging the most threatening craters, we were amazed to find King Street, one of Ontario's worst roads, nearly completely torn up for resurfacing. Only one bumpy paved lane remained for many blocks. Heritage advocates across the city are trying to imagine a way to convince council to order the restoration of the road to its original pothole-ridden condition.

As it was late, we only had time to drive by a few London landmarks, such as the Temple of Expensive Hockey Hair, otherwise known as the JLC, and the Palace of Diversity, Multiculturalism and Bad Ecomonics, euphemistically known as City Hall.

Our friend still hopes to live and work in Canada someday and it was not our intent to discourage his escape from the Nanny State Capital of the World. From the UK:

In South Tyneside school, children will soon be required to provide a scan of their fingerprint in exchange for their lunchtime ration.

Teachers at a South Tyneside school are hoping to stop pupils spending their dinner money on junk food by introducing a high-tech fingerprint scanner.

Instead of paying for their school meals in cash, children at Brinkburn School in South Shields will have their fingerprints scanned into a computer.

Parents will pay for meals in advance and the price will be debited from their accounts everytime a fingerprint is recorded.

Education bosses believe the system will prevent pupils buying food from outside the school.

Councillor Jim Foreman of South Tyneside Borough Council said: "We are the first authority in the region to introduce this amazing high-tech method of paying for school meals, and we believe it will go a long way towards contributing to peace of mind for the borough's parents and carers.

"It will give them an element of control when it comes to the food and drink their young people consume. There will be an in-built daily spending limit, and they can be sure that only food and drink provided in school is consumed by the pupils.

[..] Head teacher Dr Phil Ingram, said: "Behind all this new technology, there is a really important purpose. We will be better able to address diet and health issues of our pupils, as well as keep them more secure by keeping more of them under supervision on site at lunchtime."
It is expected that the school will hire enforcement officers to ensure dissidents don't smuggle in unapproved snacks.

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Pietr said...

I am safely back in Harrogate after my trip to the capital.
It was good of you all to fly over to the UK for the evening.
By the way,it occurs to me that you are living in a New Ireland.
Lessons have been learned,and there is very little terrorism, just the seamlessly subtle subterfuge of individual and state organs, epitomised by the CBC,all directed behind the scenes by the 'Fat Controllers' of the Communist Diaspora;soon, my friends, Canada will become that equivalent of that intended offshore soviet satellite in Europe, the United(Communist) Ireland,a giant and poisonous version of Cuba, growing like an enormous cancer on the Northern border of America, loaded like casino dice by the successive waves of soft-socialist immigrants mixed in with the genuine refugees going back to the fifties;(Canada actually exported communist spies to Britain in the sixties);and then the plan will become apparent.

Communist Europe;Communist Canada, and a resurgent 'strong' Moscow apparently bending with the wind it created in the twenties.

Where is the Sydney Reilly leading the White Russians to the aid of the FBI?
Where is Canada's FBI?

Yes.I want to come to Canada one day.
But it won't be a smooth ride if I do.

rhebner said...

Gee, do I get a free tour of the city if I come down someday? I'd really like to wander around the Kellogg plant.

Lisa said...


Sure we'll give you a free tour. But are you sure you really want to come to our foggy town?

Pietr said...

Now now,Rhebner,the train fare was 100 bucks as was the hotel.
And that's assuming you are in Canada to start with.

rhebner said...

I'll save the $100 and stay with my brother. He's a local.

Lisa, my wife keeps at me to move to London, we live in Ottawa and according to her it's too far from home (Windsor).

If you want to see moonbattery in action, have a go at the Ottawa City council.

Lisa said...


Does your wife read the London Fog? If she does, and she still wants to move here, I fear we're not doing a very good job.

As you'll be saving money on accomodations, I'll merely request a glass of wine in exchange for a tour of Fog Town. Don't forget to bring your helmet.