Monday, May 15, 2006

Waiting for the man?

Justzumgai is the man.

It is not "lax laws" which promote gangsterism, but the opposite. A crackdown on meth labs is just what the gangsters need. That way the government will get rid of the amateur and semi-pro competition, leaving the field open to large, well-funded and well organized groups who can afford the accountants, lawyers, front companies, warehouses, political and judicial bribes, muscles, etc.

You have to apply the AHT - someone who takes crystal meth does no harm to anyone except possibly themselves. But if you take money away from hardworking citizens to fight against meth addiction, then you are doing those citizens actual harm. Consider what would happen if you didn't outlaw meth, and you didn't build a high-tax, highly-regulated state. Some people would try meth, but there would be a strong motiviation to stay straight because: (1) Lots of jobs available if you stay on the wagon, because low taxes means lots of investment and lots of entrepreneurial activity; (2) No welfare, so no sitting around all day getting high with rent and groceries paid for by taxpayers; (3) The non-addicts would shoot anyone who tried to rob them to get money to buy drugs.

It is not the Libranos who have turned Canada into such a gangster-friendly republic, it's the Socialists. Any government who thinks that they can fight drug gangs without dismantling the legalized gangsterism of medicare, welfare, native reserves, provincial transfers, equalization, and narcotics laws is dreaming.

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Mitch said...

The government is just using their muscle to protect their own bootlegging and numbers rackets. The only vices the masses are allowed are the rackets controled by big brother and protected by his muscle! LCBO and Ontario Lottery corporation are rackets!