Thursday, May 25, 2006

Violence: Our Common Future / La violence, on y va ensemble

Hot diggity! Transport on the TTC is now free to members of the Scary-Canadian community. The price of a subway or streetcar ride in Toronto is now either $2.75 or an intimidating glare.

For too long the Scary-Canadian community has been prevented by the monoculture from exercising the talents of dominating the weak given to them by Nature. Those who ride the TTC for free are our vanguard, reminding us and calling us back to a more honest and direct world, where the good things in life are enjoyed by those bold enough to seize them.

It is time for Canada to come into line with the world community, which recognizes that violence, power, and intimidation is the most direct path to personal fulfillment and liberation for the disadvantaged. From the torn-up roads of Caledonia to the passengers on the Toronto underground, we must embrace these changes together, not fear them. Fear is weakness, and the weak pay to ride.


MapMaster said...

[Bob Kinnear, president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113] blamed passenger rage on the transit commission's inability to secure funding to avoid recent fare hikes.

The Conservatives made us do it!

Pietr said...

Shields in buses?
We've had them for years, since about 1974.
So there are 20 good years left in Toronto?
That's good enough for me.