Thursday, May 18, 2006

Useless and annoying positions available

According to the London Free Press, the province-wide smoking ban, taking effect on May 31 in Ontario, turns out to be an employment opportunity — but not, as it happens, for people working in the restaurant and bar industry that had formerly benefited from mutually agreed-upon exchanges in the peaceable pursuits of pleasure or profit in private spaces. Instead, a few more handfuls of bureaucratic underlings accountable neither to taxpayers nor to their unwilling clients will be hired to perform no economic function whatsoever at the cost of wealth extracted from the economy in the form of taxes. Of course, this is what happens when you put people who are a net drag on the economy in the first place in charge of the economy.

Ontario's public health units are getting an additional $5.5 million from the province to help pay for the enforcement of a provincewide ban on smoking in public places that kicks in at month's end.

[…] Health Promotion Minister Jim Watson said the $5.5 million will pay for more than 100 enforcement officers, who will fan out across the province to enforce the new law.

[…] The funding proves the province is serious about making sure the Smoke-Free Ontario Act is followed, he added.
How much would it cost us for the province to appear really serious then?


Anonymous said...

This is what it's all about. Jobs for the boys. Getting your supporters on the government payroll. About 3 weeks after the ban is in place there will be hardly any smoking going on in Ontario restaurants and bars - but those 100 parasites will still be sucking the public teat 30 years from now. Ever hear about the hereditary public ratcatchers in India, who never catch any rats?

Pietr said...

Ich nicht smoken cigeretten.
Amerika, Amerika, ve vill be true to zee.....