Sunday, May 28, 2006

The unbearable lightness of electing London's mayor

In most elections, reluctant participants and spectators weight lesser evils and greater ones and correspondingly hold their breath or nose in anticipation of one or the other being elected. Sadly, in London's mayoral race, Londoners don't even have that consolation…

As reported twice in the London Free Press, or one-and-a-half times more than journalistically necessary, the news that London North-Centre Liberal MP Joe Fontana may run for mayor against incumbent Anne Marie DeCicco was greeted by a smattering of twittering from London's twittering class. Unless there are a few Londoners excited by the idea of elaborating on imaginary and imperceptible differences in talent in a local political version of American Idol, the mayor's race in November for the rest of us would only expand from a ceremonial choice of one self-serving, arrogant, pragmatically unprincipled and partisan Liberal to a pyrrhic choice between two. Heck, they can't even compete for the base tribal-buying of ethnic factionalism because they're both Italian (sorry, Italian-Canadian).
Meanwhile, Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco said yesterday it doesn't matter who challenges her bid for a third term in November, she's ready to roll. "Our strategy isn't based on who's running," she said.
No, it's based on the bored resignation of Londoners to increased taxes for reduced services as long as it's in the predictable and methodical fashion of the incumbents… that, and the vapid fealty of hangers-on of the special interest lobby groups that she's been sucking up to for the past six years.

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Anonymous said...

I will be declining my ballot this year due to the fact there is no one worthy / able of being the mayor in this city.