Monday, May 29, 2006

Trying to anaesthetize the way that you feel

Everyone agrees that London's 94.9 CHRW holds the title of the greatest campus'n'community radio station in Canada. Canadians from across all ethnoculturogenderosexualpreferentialeconomicological divides, who normally stare across cultural boundaries with a hostility muted only by the unforgiving application of hate laws and generous spending on awareness programs, agree that it would be hard to imagine a better use for the 94.9 frequency band.

And now, they've implemented a great new feature! You can go here to listen to podcasts of the latest episode of each show.

Finding terrible music online is even more difficult than finding porn, so you'll be relieved to know you can check out my show BIAS INCIDENT by searching there, or hear the first hour here and the second hour here. There's a new show every Thursday morning at 9 AM.


Pietr said...

I always get a newspaper; there's something in the daily rag to cancel any crisis.

Mike said...

Nobody jumped as I expected... you would have thought I would have had enough by now.