Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Trudeau blew kisses at Hitler

What! Every Canadian's favourite national socialist Pierre Trudeau, an admirer of Hitler and Mussolini? HT Neale.

A new biography of the former prime minister, whom Canadians have long been taught to regard as a great liberal politician, reveals that as a youth and young man, Mr. Trudeau was an anti-Semite, admired fascist dictators such as Hitler and Mussolini, promoted revolution and longed for an independent and Catholic Quebec that would be home only to francophones...

"Between 1941 and 1944 the young Trudeau espoused with conviction and enthusiasm the very ideological commitments that the post-1950 Trudeau would despise," they write.
So don't feel bad for voting for him, Gramps. He later saw the error of his mass-murdering-dictator-loving ways, maturing into fellating Fidel Castro and speaking of the Soviet slave state as the place where "the future is being built". Canadians haven't been "taught to regard" those as evil, so he can still be your hero.


rhebne said...

speaking from experience I think most of us think,say and do some pretty daft things when we are in our teen and college years. I think we should get a free pass on most of that otherwise we'd all have quite a bit to be embarrassed about.

But looking at Trudeaus legacy as an adult I'd say the daffiness never left him. From fascism to socialism. Oy vey!

Pietr said...

The first daftest thing I did as a youth was open the control cabin door of an underground train without being able to close it.I got off the train.
The next daftest thing I did was nearly burn the Halls of Residence down at college;then again, daft?
At school I came into a Religious Instruction lesson wearing an Iron Cross which I'd bought at a military antiques shop.

But by fifteen I was a Capitalist(not a conservative) and I still am.

gm said...

Whats the difference between Hitler and Stalin?

Pietr said...

One died at a stroke, the other died of a stroke.