Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sympathy withheld from the devil

Paul Wells in 2003:

We have decided — and by "we," I mean every large news organization in Canada without exception — that nobody in Canada needs information about how we are governed any more. In a shockingly short time, we have shrunk the moral distance between the Sunday political shows and the weeknight reality shows to zero. Both shows are about who gets voted off the island.
It's apparent that nothing has changed for the better in 2006. Read the rest here, via BumfOnline.

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Pietr said...

I tried reading the link, but it was immediately apparent that the writing came from the mind of a louse; he is so much what he is accused of being that he can't even suspect it without irony to defend his 'ego'.
"What is our perception of the Public Service?"
our perception?You only get one shot at that and it is all your own.He was asking what he should experience in contravention of any genuine experiences he might still know.

Public Service?
Why not ask a question that matters, instead of defrauding importance by asking about something that never has.