Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No refunds to be expected from thieves

Sheila Fraser's 2006 report on government mismanagement and corruption also unearths the following "information":

On the financial side, she said the government is owed $18 billion in unpaid taxes.
In other words, the legislators who mismanaged your money they had no right to appropriate in the first place, are seeking still more to fund their various schemes.
Among the few positive notes in her report was her applause for the better management of federal grants.

Public Works Minister Michael Fortier ordered parts of the work on the gun registry contract to be stopped late last month, perhaps as a prelude to the new government's plans for the program.

Many of the revelations included in the audit have since been corrected by a new management team that took over the program in 2003.

"There are problems remaining," Fraser said. "There are problems with the second computer system that is being developed. There are problems with the quality of the information in the database. There are a few performance measures that need to be developed to show the outcomes, but quite frankly those sorts of problems are not atypical of the problems that exist in many government departments."
And so government departments should be slowly dismantled until they no longer exist at all, which is the unspoken logical conclusion of Ms. Fraser's report.


Pietr said...

Now now, we mustn't overreact;I think what she meant when she said that the government was 'owed $18 billion in unpaid taxes', is that we are criminals for stealing from the government.

Won't somebody think of the children?

Honey Pot said...

I would like to see Shelia Fraser as PM. No nonsense and sensible sort of gal that she is. She is the ultimate whistle blower. I am surprised the liberals haven't put a contract out on her.

Ian Scott said...

"'owed $18 billion in unpaid taxes',"

Ha. By what right do they think they are "owed" anything?