Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Nanny State Wars

Via the Agitator, insurgents battling insurgents. Let the most popular mathematician win!
One child psychologist points to the rising trend of childhood obesity in defense of letting kids play like kids.

National statistics indicate 34 percent of kids are overweight, with obesity projected to be nearly 50 percent in the year 2010.

But safety advocates point to different numbers, saying playground accidents cause 200,000 injuries nationwide each year, and 17 deaths.
And in Scotland, beans might soon be banned from pubs, along with cigarettes. Pleasure is not compatible with arbitrary state dominance.

"What if a hefty person comes in asking for something considered unhealthy? Do we direct them to the salads and face accusations of being 'fat-ist'?"
BAR owners have warned they could be forced to stop serving chips and traditional pub meals under proposals by the Scottish Executive.

Under regulations being considered by the Executive, landlords - many of whom are still unhappy at the smoking ban - would be required to have policies to promote "sensible eating" as a condition of their licences.

[..] Paul Waterson, chief executive of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, said the eating advice was aimed at banning meals such as pies, beans and chips from being served.
HT: Ayn Steyn


rhebner said...

It would probably be safest if they just cancelled school recess and replaced it with 15 minutes of jumping jacks in the appelplatz.

There'd be no agression, no injuries, and everyone gets the same amount of exercise.

Pietr said...

Reminds me of a building site in the 80's; they were joking about getting enough exercise so one old man showed us how to delegate part of star-jumps.
He got his young apprentice to jump without moving his arms, then did the arm movements himself with a roll-up in his mouth.
He also showed me how to use a cigarette paper as a bandage.

Brent Gilliard said...

Even this pinko can acknowledge that controlling what overweight people can and cannot put in their mouths is too far. While second-hand smoke directly causes cancer, there are too many degrees of separation between over-eating and high taxes to justify such direct intervention in people's lives.

As for tag and fights, I have to doubt that there's a real and serious connection between tag and fights. Where are the numbers?

Lisa said...


Where do we draw the abritrary statist line?