Saturday, May 6, 2006

Militants execute anti-insurgency personnel in Windsor

An anti-insurgency specialist in Windsor was killed yesterday by a militant group.

Windsor residents were stunned Friday after witnessing a daylight shootout in a residential neighbourhood that ended with a veteran plain-clothes police officer lying dead on a sidewalk and two teens in custody.
The shooting brings the Windsor community closer to all out civil war.

Curiously, the press is abandoning its objectivity and taking sides in this issue. All quotes in the linked article are from a completely one-sided, anti-insurgency perspective. Perhaps this is not so surprising, given the proximity of Windsor to the United States.

The article leaves out important cultural facts about the beliefs and values that animate the insurgent community. In that culture, it is considered very offensive for troops and civil police not to wear their uniform while dealing with insurgents. In militant communities, especially among militant youths, the traditional punishment for being on the other side but pretending to be an insurgent has always been death. Of course, if you don't care to know anything about that culture, the disagreements that may have led to this tragedy lose their complexity and everything becomes a simplistic story of good and bad.

By leaving out the essential fact of provocation from the story, The Windsor Star abandons neutrality and becomes a propaganda sheet. It encourages more violence and disrespect on both sides.


Pietr said...

I'm not sure I follow the 'anti-insurgent' paradigm, but I can certainly see that Dalton McGinty is a bloody fool.

'Stronger Ontario'?
Health through joy?
Arbeit macht frei?

Honey Pot said...

That is just so sad. That poor man, to be shot down like a dog just because he gave a damn. What in hell is wrong with people that they could do something like that? I fucking hate drugs and how they are turning children into killing machines..

basil said...


I thought it was hip-hop that was destroying the minds of the young.

Pietr said...

I thought it was compulsory education.

Anonymous said...

Ist easy to see who cares abnd who doesn't?
Sore doewsn't care, but Hiney Pot is all heart"!

fenris badwulf said...

Excellent analysis!