Tuesday, May 9, 2006

The Luddite road to riches

One of the great Canadian values is a failure to understand the fallacy of the broken window. But seldom does this appear in such pure form as in this letter to the editor from today's London Free Press.

Lawn firms should pick weeds by hand
I just can't fathom why the various lawn-care companies are complaining about the proposed pesticide ban, relating it to business and money that would be lost because they wouldn't be able to spray chemicals on weeds.

Couldn't the employees do the weeding manually, thereby spending probably even more time on the job, and consequently generating more income for the business?

Perhaps this is just showing us how they like to do things the easy way, and avoid actual physical work.

Ron Jennings



Anonymous said...

The London Piss Press should say this is a stupid letter from an inbred moron.

Anonymous said...

This letter is on par with the statement "I don't want my neighbours to use pesticides on dandelions”. Just shows that people don't even understand the issue, and don't care enough to find out. The only reason pesticides should be used is you have an insect infestation and this will be considered "necessary".

Pietr said...

The real fallacy of the broken window is that the broken glass is rubbish which does nothing to improve anybody's life;that said, no further production results from the breakage, just a repeat order for the glass.
There is no net benefit, especially if you know about thermodynamic entropy.