Monday, May 29, 2006

London Fog to seek local arts grant

When London city council announced its aspiration to become a creative city, it wouldn't have taken a political scientist to figure out that the designation could not succeed for throwing any amount of money at the idea but that appropriating any amount of money for the idea would succeed indefinitely for the very unachievability of it. Unfortunately, it wouldn't have taken very many councillors and bureaucrats to realize the same thing. From the London Free Press:

Forty-one arts organizations and individuals split a city hall annual grant of $189,800 to support the local arts community. The funds, announced Monday, come through London’s Community Arts Investment Program.

[…] A first-time recipient is the Imadon Street Painting Performance Group, which will hold Expressions in Chalk, a street festival Aug. 5, 6 and 7 in the downtown area, including at St. Peter’s Cathedral. They received $3,500, which will help pay for supplies, operating costs, prize money and food and drink for the artists.
Those who collude in the public sphere with bureaucrats must assume such a self-prescribed abasement of artistic sensibility and appreciation that such a primitive display of juvenilia, suggestive at the same time of vandalism, could merit the standard of state-funded arts in London. It does remind me of this comment by Mike on a previous post on the subject:
Ooga booga! Me tax you to pay cousin to draw painting of deer on cave wall. This bring big herd of deer for us to hunt, move us forward, and make cave world-class. Ooga booga booga! First though me tax you to hire nephew to make study of which kind of charcoal work best to bring deer to community. Booga booga!
Of course, city management needs to toss a token bone to the self-appointed representatives of the uncultivated masses to sell what is essentially a redistributive scheme for the middle and upper sycophantic voting classes of London:
Receiving the most funding was the Amabile Choirs of London, which was given $19,000. Amabile is one of six core groups that receive money every year from the city.

The other five organizations are Fanshawe Chorus London, Forest City Gallery, London Community Players and the Kiwanis Music Festival.
Ooga booga, and pass the wine and cheese, please.