Monday, May 22, 2006

An Islamofascist Man Of Letters Writes

A wise man once defined a "journalist" as "one who shines the boots eternally stamping on a human face". Now Toronto Star editor and apologist for fascism (but I repeat myself) Haroon Suqadiqqi is supposedly threatening to sue somebody at LittleGreenFootballs for libel.

Libel? I am sure you are filling in your own blanks there. But, let me reassure you, no one has accused Haroon of longing to see our women in burkas. Nobody ever claimed that Haroon wishes to see our children's minds turned to mush by eighth century Koranic gibberish, or institute beheadings of homosexualists in Nathan Phillips Square. It wasn't as if the respondent claimed Haroon goes to bed with a smile every night with the thought that the final solution will be one day closer when he awakens the next morning. No one could claim such a thing because we have absolutely no concrete proof.

The funny thing is that this empty threat is over the incontestably obvious, something for which we do have concrete proof in the form of ink on newsprint: that Haroon is just an ordinary, transparent apologist for the worst people on earth. For example, it's not hard to recognize the regular phenomenon of expulsion/flight from Europe for what it is and what it portends. But here, Harooon actually celebrates the expulsion of the lying Jew Albert Einstein the son of monkeys Sigmund Freud the gold-grubbing Karl Popper former Dutch citizen Hirsi Ali from the continent formerly known as Europe.

The jig is up for Hirsi Ali in Holland. She may move to the U.S., as a fellow at the neo-con American Enterprise Institute...

She wrote and narrated the Theo Van Gogh documentary Submission about the subjugation of Muslim women that led to his murder and to death threats against her, placing her under 24-hour guard...

She would be welcomed in certain circles, which, Klausen warned, “want to see in American politics the development of a kind of Islam-bashing we’ve seen in Europe for a while.”
Ungläubige raus!