Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Insurgent uprisings reported throughout the city of London Ontario

It's hotter than Hell in London today.

And considerably hotter than Hades.

LFpress May 29th, 2006
Londoners in the know understand the extreme heat in the city is not the result of global warming, but rather a response to recent insurgent uprisings occuring over the weekend.

The bandits are everywhere in camouflage because they suffer discrimination if they reveal their true colours:
TA police hunt is on for a man suspected of robbing three Shell gas bars and a bank in and around London in the space of only four days.

He was described as a white male, about 25, with a red goatee and moustache, about five-foot-eight and between 230 and 250 pounds.

He may have changed his appearance since the robberies by altering his facial hair, said Pfeffer.

During the robberies, he wore a beige coat and light-coloured brown pants or a black coat.
And on Friday, a local 7-eleven was robbed at knifepoint by an insurgent bearing a similar description:
The suspect, a white man in his early 30s, with light brown hair and a goatee, was wearing a yellow coat with black sleeves, police said.
And there's also the weekend robbery of a London CIBC branch and a duo stabbing at a Adelaide street Hasty Market.

But the highlight of the weekend was more gun violence in front of Rum Runners bar:
A St. Catharines man was injured when shots were fired in two locations early yesterday in downtown London.

Gunshots were fired on Dundas Street between Richmond and Clarence streets and on Clarence between Dundas and King streets about 3:15 a.m., police said.

The two incidents were related, police said.

[..] A man who walked through downtown about 4 a.m. said police had blocked off streets and officers were searching in front of Rum Runners Music Hall at 176 Dundas St.

The bar had hosted a party for players in the Gus Macker three-on-three basketball tournament at Victoria Park.
The last article I read in our not so free press led me to believe last year's beating of two of Councillor Ab Chahbar's sons at the dribbling event, occuring at the same time that the councillor was driving in a funeral procession, would result in a relocation of the testosterone driven event. Not so, and although I read our local press everyday, I missed any mention of the Gus Macker Tournment, once again taking place at Victoria Park. A weekend walk through the war-zone elightened me otherwise and my impressions were similiar to previous years:
The three-on-three battle of testosterone which also attracts people from outside of the city, spills out into a few streets running alongside the park, which are closed to motorists for the duration of the two or three day tournament. As a motorist and former close occupant of the park, I've always found this dribble fest annoying. For days people wearing the most ridiculous clothes are bouncing balls on the sidewalks, strutting around like peacocks because they can throw a ball through a hoop in London Ontario.
Although the shooting occured within range of the downtown surveillance cameras installed to prevent and fight crime, the police do not have any suspects. Militant groups across the region have remained silent, so far failing to claim responsibility for the violence.