Friday, May 12, 2006

Housewives seek email ban

The problem with "public" property:
If a housewife has the corners of her cupboards clean, and last night's dishes washed, there is no great trouble in the letting police "look through" any more than prospective buyers or inspectors from the gas company.

Emily Murphy - A Canadian Statist
Everyone owns the space, so nobody in particular does, except the government and its officials, who hold the monopoly on the use of force.

Alex Halperin writing for Business Week online:
The campaign to crowd out predators from is gathering steam in Washington. House of Representatives lawmakers proposed a bill on May 9 that would block access to social networks and Internet chat rooms in most federally funded schools and libraries.

Social networks such as MySpace (NWS) and Facebook let users to create an online profile, often including photos and blogs, for sharing and making friends. Phenomenally popular, these sites have attracted criticism for making it easier for predators to contact teens and children.

[..] The Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA) defines the restricted areas as those that allow "users to create Web pages or profiles that provide information about themselves and are available to other users" and offer "a mechanism of communication with other users, such as a forum, chat room, e-mail, or instant messenger."
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Phronk said...

Ridiculous. Almost every major web site has some forum fubctionality. Every blogger blog has the ability to create a profile and send comments. The MySpace problem is greatly exaggerated, and it's obviously being dealt with by people who are clueless about technology. Bummer.

Pietr said...

Never mind myspace; what about Emily Murphy?
Monster monster!
"If only we had the power to castrate anybody we didn't like!What a wonderful place the world would be!"