Thursday, May 11, 2006

The dream is over

According to Mitchieville, a tele-vision ("TV") program called "Western Wing" has been cancelled. Five hours of South Park per year is enough tele-vision for me, so I never caught this show -- but it sounds brilliant. Fenris highlights his favourite episodes. Here's one.

Episode 116: Tears for the Homeless. President Bartlet must struggle with the unjust opposition when he airlifts in four hundred thousand starving refugees from Mozambique into Texas during the off-season elections. With a stroke of his pen, Bartlet gives the refugees citizenship, and the state of Texas votes in progressive activist Idi Amin in a massive show of support for Bartlet's realistic policies. Evil heteronormatives start a tuberculosis and ringworm epidemic to undermine the President, but fail miserably, thanks to Universal Health Care.