Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Don't Feed The Trolls

Good for Harper. (HT Nealenews). The Canadian media has collaborated with the Liberal Party against Canada and Canadians for many years. There is no reason to play pretend games with them.

Would Elliot Ness consent to being interviewed by a Capone-friendly newspaper? I think not.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the national media are biased against him so he will avoid them from now on.

The prime minister says the Ottawa press gallery seems to have decided to become the opposition to his Conservative government. He told a London, Ont., TV station Wednesday that he is having problems with the media that a Liberal prime minister would never have to face. So Harper says he will take his message out on the road and deal with the less hostile local media.
This is a good first step, but Canada needs more. The next logical step: Silence the CBC.


Mitch said...

De-fund and privatize the CBC??? Perhaps a Harper majority would do that... but I'm not holding my breath, as it's is up there with 'beer and wine in corner stores' type of promise.

Anonymous said...

Harper must deal with the bias as he perceives it through perhaps calling a televised national press conference where questions and answers can be vetted before public at large.

We have to move beyond the question, indicate and specify bias, cite examples? to questions like, is guerilla warfare where it is likely the population are against your presence in the country an advisable policy? Answer the question Mr. Harper to the best of your ability. It's that simple. Don't forget the Liberals equally support the continued deployment in
Afthanistan. Questions and answers televised where statements are pinned down. Controlling press is sure sign of 'dictatorship status' as we export our ideals of democracy in far east? Makes no sense, but it is convenient when questions can't be easily answered.

A posture of silence is ludicrous in the extreme and brings you to a place where 'words fail you'?

Pietr said...

I've got good news for you Mitch;
a source in CBC tells me that entire departments are being axed.

Mike said...

Harper must deal with the bias as he perceives it through perhaps calling a televised national press conference where questions and answers can be vetted before public at large.

Why bother with such a charade?

News stories are 80% pre-written according to the J-School template of "social justice" advocacy, ie, . Why should Harper shoot himself, and the sane Canadians who voted for him, in the foot? Why help the press fill in the blanks? Why provide answers to be ignored, taken out of context, or surrounded with sneaky, undermining diction?

Controlling press is sure sign of 'dictatorship status'

Well, yes, but what's your point? The press is not controlled in Canada. This is like implying that Mountain Dew is banned in Canada because Stephen Harper refuses to drink it.

Harper would probably refuse to address impertinent questions from the London Fog. Is that "controlling the press"? Of course not. And BellGlobeMedia's situation is identical to our own.

Just because reporters have big corporations with big money behind them to buy an air of legitimacy, does not mean anyone in or out of government is obligated to give them the time of day.

Werner Patels said...

Bravo, well said.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mike, you are displaying a lapse in basic logic. Televised press gallery questioning pm would leave no room for misinterpretations. Only if his answers are evasive or convoluted in presentation. If Harper is a man of his word regarding openess and transparency which was centrepiece in his pre-election campaign and which probably secured him the thin minority, then he will have no problem with televised Q & A format.

His decision to sit with 'local media' instead of remaining firmly in place and working out a working relationship with Ottawa press only demonstrates his stance as basically a non-communicant. That situation unfortunately translates to political suicide even in the short run. This unprecedented situation has already gone on for approaching three months.

Press gallery questions should sharply reflect electorate's immediate issues. But the above mentioned format would leave no room for doubts on what was and wasn't said. Substance of statesments would be easily pinned down in the interests of accuracy. The country can't afford to once again spend months on what should be a 'non issue'.

Harper carries himself well and has demonstrated pointed eloquence on the floor. He must demonstrate same with press in the public interest.

Pietr said...

Oh of course!
So you'd have no objection to the Daily Show technique of editing in hesitation and editing out cogent,lucid answers?
Or would you have a rule saying "TV must always go out live and unedited"?

You're only saying this because you've seen how the televisual reporting technique has been successfully perverted against GWBush for years.
You must think we were born yesterday.

Mike said...

The national press doesn't care about the public interest. The national press cares about going to cocktail parties with other limousine socialists and getting into the Senate or becoming G-G after 20 years of service to the Party.

Sorehead's Daily Show comment is on the mark: the Daily Show exemplifies the smugness, self satisfaction and loose relationship with reality and the truth inculcated by the one two punch of university education and journalism school. It's a purer form of what you get from TV news on any day that a non-champagne-commie is in office.

Why feed 'em? We don't need 'em.