Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Census 2006 - Sealing our fate for the next five years

Today is May 16th, the deadline to "count yourself in". I've decided to count myself out, with the possible repercussion of three months in jail or a fine of up to $500.00 for failing to provide the government with personal information used to prop up their regime.

The reminder notice has twice arrived in my monthly visa bill, I've seen the flashy and expensive ads on city buses and in local public libraries, read countless newspaper stories reminding me of "the value" of the survey, which is MANDATORY to complete, and I've received my forms via Canada State Post twice over so far. I lied on the first form, decided not to send it in, and promptly sent the second reminder form into the recycle bin.

Now I am expecting the government's appointed trolls to arrive at my doorstep. The London Fog will provide updates as the story unfolds.


Pietr said...

Maybe I'll start an underground railway to England.....then again, maybe not.

Anonymous said...

In a household with two adults, which adult goes to jail or pays the fine? Do they fine the house, and you can split it 50-50, or do both get fined, so it's $1000/house?
What if there were 5 adults in the house? (two parents of a college student, and the in-laws). Now do all 5 go to jail? Can we put the mother-in-law in jail and give the rest a holiday? Or do we pay a combined fine of $2500?
These are questions I want to know the answer to. I don't want to go to jail, but I wouldn't mind if my mother-in-law were put away for a few months.

Anonymous said...

What if you just say that you completed the form, mailed it in, and Canada Post must have lost it? Then refuse to fill out a second one, saying you already fulfilled your obligation. Is it the law that you must do it twice? Is it the law that you must ensure it gets hand delivered?
How about send it courrier, with the charge payable by the receiver?

Anonymous said...

I would like to see them put someone in jail for not filling out their form. Maybe I'll ignore them and see if they come after me.

rhebner said...

I let my kids fill it in online. They had great laughs as they added the family pets and a couple of stuffed animals.

I think the gauleiters may be tipped off by the comment my daughter added, "You people must be really stupid if you believe any of this. HAHAHAHAHA". My added comment was simply, "It's none of your business who lives in my house".

They thought it was a hoot until they hit 'submit' and I told them there was a $500/3 month fine for false info. I told my son not to worry as I'd gladly post his bail.

Anonymous said...

That's the ticket. Don't can it - spam it.

"Gauleieters" ... classic.

Pietr said...

Fro the files of Police Squad(in London Ontario).
***DO NOT approach or interact with any of the above persons***

They may be considered dangerous and members of the general public have NO AUTHORITY to detain these individuals. If you know the whereabouts of any of these people, contact the London Police Service at 661-5670 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

I looked at the mugshots; they gave me, for the most part, a good chuckle.They don't look anymore dangerous than any of the scumbags I've hung out with in the past.
What is genuinely horrifying, however, is the 'official' advice, reproduced above.
We are all supposed to be snitches, but not have the guts to look or judge for ourselves, that being the monopoly territory of the official doughnut eaters.

It's been like that for many years in England.
And it doesn't work at all!

Because nobody wishes to be a cowardly snitch,they don't get shopped.And if they did, nobody would trust the police not to let the crims know who turned them in, police 'protection' being what it is(n't).
Still, I hope to see Lisa's face on the wanted board soon.

Anonymous said...

I don't undersand it -- why NOT fill out a census: it helps with the statistics and trends of our society. The larger the sample size of those who participate, the more accurate the results. Donate a few minutes of your time and contribute to statistical research. For all of those ignorant towards research - it may save your life one day!