Thursday, May 11, 2006


Have you seen Something Awful's Awful Movie Database (AMDB)?

It's full of lore, famous lines, trivia, and general facts about the glorious silver screen. For example, remember the Seagal vehicle "Hard Eagle"? Here's one bit of trivia:

  • Steven Seagal was furious when he learned that over sixty bald eagles were killed during the making of the film. In the director’s commentary track on the 1998 DVD release, Harold Wells explains that “we didn’t tell Seagal we were using real eagles, he would have shit his self. But what the fuck, a real eagle and a permit to be cruel to it costs way less than a really good fake eagle. We must have shot fifty takes of the scene where Geoffrey Lewis beats up that eagle and tears it apart. He kept asking for more takes. He loved it, he loved the feeling of power, I think. Plus we needed to kill about a dozen more eagles for the feathers on all those Indian… you know, those hats. We got really good at killing eagles, between Geoffrey and I. About as good as anyone ever has been, maybe.”
  • Wow! Quite a few movies are in the AMDB now, such as The Stalwart Soul, Camp Juggs, and Cannibal Barbarian.