Monday, May 22, 2006

Afternoon matinee fails to result in mass carnage

Mitchieville reviews the Da Vinci Code:

The Little Danish Girl and I saw The Da Vinci code yesterday afternoon, and truth be told, we were most impressed. We were not so much impressed by the movie, but by the lack of death and carnage that didn't take place because of the movie. We both figured that if innocent cartoons of the prophet Mohammad (pbuh) caused upwards of 600 deaths worldwide, then The Da Vinci code would set all sorts of records, maybe 1 or 2 million dead and tens of millions injured. But there was nothing, not a single death at the theatre. Boring.

[..] If you want real excitement, turn on the CBC and watch 5 pin bowling, or stare at a mustard stain on your filthy shirt, because you're not gong to find excitement watching The Da Vinci Code.