Sunday, May 14, 2006

100 billion dollar butter knife registry next on the Liberal's agenda

As the current federal regime slowly begins the long process of dismantling the billion dollar gun registry, advocacy groups continue to ignore reality as the media continues to distort it. Real criminals don't register their guns but they do try to force you to give up your means of self-defence:
Lobbyists opposed to the gun registry are descending on Ottawa in anticipation of Tuesday's report from federal Auditor General Sheila Fraser, a gun-control group says.

The Coalition for Gun Control said Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives may try to use recent leaks about the report to bolster their case for dismantling parts of the registry, which was brought in under previous Liberal governments.

The coalition said information leaked to the media over the past week suggest there are more examples of mismanagement than previously disclosed.

But the organization added that it "is confident there are no major criticisms of the current system operations."

[..] "The ongoing costs are modest. Dismantling the system now, after all the money has been spent, makes no sense," she said in a release.
Don't hire Wendy Cukier as your financial advisor or security guard.

Blogging Party of Canada counters such fools with facts.

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Pietr said...

I used to own a bloody great Commando Dagger.
Six inch double-edged leaf blade, made of black stainless steel.
The haft was moulded onto the carry-through to hold the cross-piece, and was solid copper, so that the balance of the knife was on the index finger.

Bought it as a fright; it certainly frightened me.