Monday, April 17, 2006

Your Life Is Ours To Waste

The Red Commies want 'em when they're young, and the Blue Commies want 'em in their prime. Rachel Mitford-Marsden:

What has caused our international image to become so tarnished? Decades of weak-kneed, pansy-fannied liberalism, that’s what. My solution: Two years of mandatory military service for every Canadian, right out of high school.
Some people want to live in the soft world of day care forever -- but they have to realize that they owe us a debt once they've benefitted from all that education and graduated from high school. I say Rachel Marsden spends two years under armed guard finishing my basement, starting now. My image in the neighbourhood has become tarnished by my failure to perform renovations. Therefore, under pain of imprisonment, Rachel Marsden is hereby commanded to serve.

Bitch would learn a lot about responsibility and the importance of respecting other people's time and priorities. She'd be straightened right out by going around the sun a couple of times with some of my boys watching around the clock, screaming right in her face when she goes over in her hourly two-minute break or stops to wipe her narrow, delicate little brow. No, tears won't help. Rachel has to learn that in the real world, tears only mean she has to work an extra hour past sunset.
Of course there will be those who “conscienciously” (sic) object to military service and those who are so psychologically incompetent or just plain inept that you wouldn’t want them handling a sharp pair of scissors, let alone a weapon. These people will become experts at peeling potatoes and various other domestic tasks. Those who master the cheese grater can graduate to babysitting polar bears in the Arctic for the duration of their service term.
Aww, Rach', I'm sure you'll be able to handle a power sander, especially under threat of punishment rations and no time off for the month.


Pietr said...

Is she any relation to the Mitford sisters of the 30s?
Unity etc?
One of them was a Hitler groupy who shot herself in the head when war was declared.
She ballsed it up; the germans sent her home, and she died in England in about 1947.
There are still Mosely Crescents and Mitford Avenues in Leeds.
Can't help thinking that those addresses would be popular with the BNP supporters.
Couldn't be that your photo was the Mitford sisters?

Pietr said...

Ah,I see.You added the 'Mitford' bit yourself.