Sunday, April 23, 2006

Toronto Star mental health advisory

For years now it has been observed that reading the Toronto Star on a regular basis induces deleterious effects on the mental hinging of practitioners. For those unaccustomed to examining premises or logical processes, the effect is commonly to convert the stupid into the dangerously stupid. To others, ordinarily stable faculties are overwhelmed by feelings of astonishment, anger and desperation. For example, it has now driven the typically unflappable Publius of Gods of the Copybook Headings to a full-scale fisk assault that concludes:

Whether by demographic suicide or failure to properly assimilate waves of new immigrants we are walking down the same path as the continental European states. Whether by taxation or regulatory strangulation we are going down the road to economic ruin that will consume the EU within a decade or two. That is the choice Canada faces, either we return to the core values of freedom, personal responsibility and the rule of law or join Eurabia on the road to cultural and national oblivion. In this war the journalists have clearly stated their preference and Stephen Harper is, however cautiously, stating his.
Consumption of volatile pathogenic dreck like the Toronto Star should obviously be undertaken only in moderation and with careful monitoring. One risks either passive acceptance or excessive reaction to such idiotic blandishments as this, cited as well by Publius:
Queen's University, one of Canada's most academically elite schools, admits it has allowed a "culture of whiteness" to take root that fails to welcome visible minority students and professors.

And the university vows to be more aggressive in shedding its reputation as a tony enclave of white privilege, says vice-principal Patrick Deane.

Queen's is responding to a critical report prompted by the resignation of six non-white professors several years ago — as well as recent incidents of white students going out to pubs in controversial "blackface" makeup — that suggest the Kingston school has done little to try to reflect the diversity of Canada.

"One student accused us of attracting not the best and the brightest, but the richest and whitest — and that may be not far off," says Prof. Joy Mighty, chair of the university's equity committee, which has proposed sweeping changes to boost diversity at the picturesque campus on the banks of the St. Lawrence.

"Even in Kingston, some parents tell us they worry that sending their children to Queen's won't prepare them for the diversity of the world," said Mighty, a black professor who notes she has not experienced discrimination herself, but knows professors of colour who feel isolated on campus.


Publius said...

I was in a bad mood. OK?

MapMaster said...

Quite. You had been reading the Star again, and you know how that always upsets your neurons.

Anonymous said...

As long as those Toronto knobs think that Kingston is on the St. Lawrence River the university will probably be safe.

P.S. Thank you for reading the Toronto Star. Then I don't have to.

Lisa said...

Yes, and better to read the London Free Press, which usually causes nothing more than a slight and curious sensation of having two minutes of your life suddenly disappear.

Pietr said...

Wasn't there a loaf of bread called the mighty white?

basil said...

I'm sure I saw some visible minorities represented in photographs of the Queens' Homecoming riots.