Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Times of Winnipeg

Raskonikov, a long-time London Fog favourite, is lately the prolific author of The Times of Winnipeg and a contributor to Dust my Broom … until yesterday. As almost the only window on the self-inflicted degradation of Canadian Aboriginal culture and the manipulative politics of predatory victimhood and Marxist- or fascist-inspired rationalizations and strategies practiced by its leaders and apologists, Raskolnikov's once apparently tireless efforts are irreplaceable. But precisely because he almost the sole dissenter from the stooge's received wisdom, he confronts and competes daily against subsidized and academically- and media-sponsored apologists for the perpetuation of such damaging doctrines that keep their own privileged caste in power at the expense of every other Aboriginal in Canada. And it has apparently taken its toll… His last post, The Final Straw, gives a stunning example of the routine exculpation of evil that has driven him to quit, by Kahentinetha Horn, a Native academic and publisher of the Mohawk Nation News:

Former head of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Chiefs, David Ahenakew, is on trial for making comments which have the Canadian media, a few politicians and some Jews howling for blood.

[…] Akenakew is reported to have said, among other things, “I don’t support Hitler. But he cleaned up a hell of a lot of things didn’t he?” He also said Hitler was right to `fry’ millions of people. It’s the kind of sloppy talk that happens in personal conversations when we are tired and upset.

[…] Ahenakew did not commit genocide. He expressed a personal opinion on past historic events. He did not advocate the killing of any Jews, nor the institution of conditions calculated to bring about the physical destruction of the Jewish people. He did not focus on Jews as a religious group, but on that small number of individuals who have become financial and media barons.

[…] Because of the atrocities that happened during World War II, people have forgotten that Hitler was a 20th Century pioneer of the social welfare state. He instituted decent living conditions for the common German people. They had been suffering terribly because of oppressive reparations they were required to pay following the defeat of their monarchs during World War I. Hitler reorganized the German state. He made sure the people had employment and good health. But his social engineering project went too far. He tried to get rid of not only the Jews, but also Gypsies and the mentally and physically handicapped.
As a gifted, wide-ranging and creative polemicist who at his best reminds me of Mark Steyn or Theodore Dalrymple, Raskolnikov will be very much missed if this retirement does come to pass.