Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Take cover in the community center again!"

From the London Free Press:

The City of London will today unveil an initiative aimed at nourishing creative efforts in the community.

The initiative, brought by the Creative Cities task force, will provide $3,000 each to five community centres. The centre will then provide up to $300 each to groups seeking to celebrate diversity, protect the environment, create employment for youth and promote the arts and heritage.

"This is seed money to help organizations with that first, critical step," said Controller Gord Hume, who chairs the task force.

The effort will also make the community centres even more of a focal point and resource, Coun. Judy Bryant said.

[…] Other Creative Cities initiatives will be set in motion as the year progresses, part of a commitment by city council to spend $100,000.

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Shamrocks! said...

I think a lock-in at the rec centre with Timmy and Jimmy is in order.