Monday, April 17, 2006

A prospective immigrant

But don't put this on your immigration application:

All countries contain people who seek to bring death to others in any number of ways, great and small.

In Britain a large commonality of 'people' seek to do this by building walls around the living, one little crumb at a time, like dust in the wind, like a sand storm, or like the result of some Chinese torturer's invention. They are seeking to entomb our minds, to bury thought under chronic interruption of a billion casually determined applications of psychological violation, in the hope that we will be reduced to helpless, chronic, vicious stupidity and evil.

Like them.

Oh but they wouldn't think so. They'd say they were 'playing a game' or that it was our fault for being.....well, for being.

But when we reject this directly? The fury wells up in these unfortunate English masses, a fury based on the ecstasy of outrage, of being driven beyond reason, to a place where they must see themselves and their evil intent for what they are-evil. And this is the point at which they need us to weaken in some sense, a weakness of courage, of morality, of anything that will grant them the moment of superiority which exalts their viciousness to transcendence.

Yes. We can challenge it directly, but without guns, the English challenge is wit. And wit is the consolation of the beaten. Or we can ignore the scum and work for escape within the legality of permitted freedom.

At which stage their coughs just become silly people pretending to cough, which elicits contempt, the neighbours slamming their doors when you are trying to listen to Rimsky-Korsakov become some vaguely distant (and girlish) tantrum with no connection, and so on.

But I want to live in a country where there is less of this. And countries where there is less of this tend to have plenty of space, and private guns not dedicated to the service of the state.
From Owls Aren't Wise.

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Pietr said...

With my health record they would never let me have a gun; I'm not talking about Cat Stevens' "I'm Gonna Get Me A Gun".

I mean that enough people in the population have the capacity to be taken seriously, so life is given a freer passage.
I'd be a free-rider on the better-suited culture.