Monday, April 10, 2006

Not so self-explanatory until the reporter suggests a connection

And people pay for this paper?

The London Free Press reporting on the tow truck driver found among the dead in Shedden:

George Jesso left P.E.I. in his early 20s, leaving behind a soured marriage and three kids. He returned rarely, and usually phoned his brother, on a cellphone, once a year.

Despite those loose ties, his death has stunned the family back home.

[..] Those in the Toronto towing industry, however, were anything but surprised by his death.

Speculation was rampant as early as Saturday that the man they called Pony — a self-explanatory sexual reference — was among those found dead near Shedden.


Pietr said...

I'm more of a Griffin myself.
Whatever the hell that means.

Honey Pot said...

It is true, got a friend in the death business.The rigamortis sit in, and they don't know how they are going to shut the lid on the coffin.

Honey Pot said...

Found this in the Toronto Star. I thought this was interesting, and I do believe there are people out there stupid enough to donate to it. Good as scam as any I suppose.

The Bandidos have established a bank account to collect donations for the surviving children and widows. It is at the RBC 003, transit number 03592, account number 5103965.

I mean really, they are drug dealing pimps...and that is probably a small portion of the list of attributes they could put on their resumes. Their whole career would consist of planning on how to fuck people over. Kind of reminds you of the government, doesn't it?

You know math is not one of my strong points, and I was wondering if someone could help me. They reported there were only 12 in the bandito gang, eight of them were offed, and the other five were arrested. Could someone please explain that to me.