Tuesday, April 25, 2006

London City Council display their dirty briefs

The victims in East London continue to pay for the preferences of the victims in North London. The insurgents in East London must band together and lobby council with their special cause. The conflicting reports of city staff, city appointed committees, city council, board of control and city lawyers will be the deciding factor. Let the ward wars begin!

Scraps from the London Free Press:

Optimist centre to reopen

The finishing touches are being put on the North London Optimist Centre, closed since last year, and it will reopen by May 1, city staff said yesterday. Extra reinforcement makes the facility safe until snow arrives next winter, and in the meantime, the city will explore options on how to make the building viable for the long-term.

Committee backs ice pads

Over the objection of staff, a city committee recommended seeking enough land in north London to be able to expand a planned-for community centre to include ice pads and sports fields. Staff wanted to nix extra land they said would be costly and not needed. But three members of the community and protective services committee disagreed. The project would involve a collaboration between the city, the public library board and the London YMCA.