Sunday, April 9, 2006

A lesson in centralized social planning

The Social Planning Council in Winnipeg received nearly a million dollars from the government to help themselves. Be sure to read the whole column.

Rev. Harry Lehotsky writing for the Winnipeg Sun:

Tax dollars were given to the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg to do research used by the government to establish priorities in helping the poor in Winnipeg.

More of your tax money was then doled to the Social Planning Council to evaluate their first research project and subsequent activities.

Yet more of your tax money was given to the Social Planning Council to preside over the meeting that elected the committee which would filter proposals.

Then even more of your tax money was “required” by the Social Planning Council to provide “technical assistance” to this committee.

[..] It seems the same empowered people keep showing up to control every pot of empowerment funding.

It’s amazing how much money can be manipulated by so few.

They have convinced funders that they are the best at serving the poor. Perhaps there was a day when that was true.

But the good that they have done is being overshadowed by the way they use their power to keep money from new groups that could provide more services for less funding.

Maybe part of the reason there’s so little left for the poor is because there are so many “helpers of the poor” who help themselves to the money before it ever reaches the poor.
HT: Raskolnikov, of The Times of Winnipeg. Raskolnikov posts regularly at Dust my Broom and has just recently started up his own blog again. Be sure to check it out.

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Pietr said...

London Fog should apply for a government grant.Then you could work full tie and make tons of money, or better still, become a 'minority', and get back no more than you pay in tax.

I was unemployed for so long I got all my tax back during the 90s!