Monday, April 24, 2006

Insurgent uprising in London Ontario

In the capitalistic society, men become rich … by serving consumers in large numbers…. The capitalistic market economy is a democracy in which every penny constitutes a vote. The wealth of the successful businessman is the result of a consumer plebiscite. Wealth, once acquired, can be preserved only by those who keep on earning it anew by satisfying the wishes of consumers. The capitalistic social order, therefore, is an economic democracy in the strictest sense of the word. In the last analysis, all decisions are dependent on the will of the people as consumers.

Ludwig Von Mises - The Causes Of The Economic Crisis: An Address
Approximately 30 people gathered at a diversity workshop this past weekend to discuss the future of London. Patti Dalton, who has run for the NDP party here in Ontario, was the prime mover behind the event, inspired by Imagine London's successful lobbying of the OMB board. The damage that can be done at the municipal level by politicians and self-proclaimed special interest groups should not be underestimated.

Imagine London even more impoverished than it already is. From Monday's plea press:
Organized labour is looking to change municipal politics in London.

Taking a page from business groups that lobby city government and influence candidates, community activists must field candidates and try to influence politicians to be more responsive to to [sic] the concerns of working people, a community workshop heard this weekend.

"We have to work together to put progressive councillors on council," said Patti Dalton, workshop organizer who sits on the London and District Labour Council executive.

Labour officials and community activists discussed what issues need to be made a priority before the fall civic election at the workshop, held Saturday at Hilton London.
The arrogance of these 30 people claiming to represent the best interests of all Londoners, enjoying the comforts of the Hilton Hotel while the homeless continue to roam the streets of London, is absolutely astonishing. Even more disgusting is the amount of space the plea press daily devotes to emotive, as opposed to rational, argumentation.
The plan includes:

- A "visioning," in which activists work together to develop a platform of key issues.

- Training candidates, staff and volunteers on how to work on election campaigns.

- Endorsing candidates and influencing councillors to be more responsive to community issues.

Workshop participants drafted a list of issues that will be important in the Nov. 13 civic election. They include urban planning, taxation, poverty, environment, homelessness, heritage protection, agriculture, transportation, social justice and affordable housing.

[..] There is also a greater opportunity to influence the process. Because only 35 per cent of Londoners voted in the last municipal election, if labour and community groups can rally their members to a cause or candidate, they stand a chance of getting elected, or at least influencing the vote.