Wednesday, April 5, 2006


Frustrated with their share of entitlements, increasing numbers of Londoners are taking matters into their own hands

A series of gunpoint robberies on and around the University of Western Ontario campus has students on edge and police looking for three suspects.

London Police said Wednesday gun-toting bandits made off with a laptop, wallet, backpack and money from three separate victims over the last several days.

One brazen suspect also tried to use a credit card stolen from his first victim before robbing the second. The first two robberies took place on Monday, and the third in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

And at the other end of the city,
Residents of a quiet London street awoke to shotgun blasts and the popping of handgun fire after a series of threats against a young couple with two small children.

"I heard my trunk blow up, right outside my bedroom window," the targeted woman, a resident of Brisbin Street south of Hamilton Road, said yesterday.

"It was a shotgun and handgun, about seven shots."

[..] The targeted woman said there were bullets embedded in her car, seized by police, and the trunk had a 30-centimetre-wide hole from a shotgun blast.

[..] Neighbours are worried because the newcomers appear to have been targeted, she said.

"Is it gang-related? Will there be another problem?"