Friday, April 7, 2006

The gun registry didn't work either

Not surprisingly, yesterday's gunplay at an East End strip club situated next to a library and daycare has some people in the neighbourhood demanding the bar be shut down.
"Again? I'd like to see that place shut down," said Jessica Squires, who lives on Forest Lawn Avenue and provides day-care services for several neighbourhood kids.

"It makes you wonder if you're safe in this part of town. I try to teach the kids not to use guns and then this happens.

"It scares you. You could be in bed at night and a bullet could come through your window. It's scary."

Other neighbours, the memories of police tape up and down their street six months ago fresh in their minds, had similar thoughts.

"It seems to be a common thing around here," said Ken Wood, who lives across the street from Squires.

"You never know when a bullet is going to come through your window. You hear about stuff like that happening" in other cities.

[..] "Maybe they could pull that place down and put a pool in there. We need one of those," said Anne Gillooly, who was taking her two kids to the library yesterday morning.

"How did this happen again? They should just shut it down."
Who is this "they" that should shut the place down and build a "much needed" pool? One must suppose "the public's" representatives, the Corporation of the City of London, should be the ones making up new and creative bylaws forcing establishments with potentially higher incidence of violent behaviour out of business.

The sad reality is that there is gun crime going on throughout the city, which includes recent robberies at the University of Western Ontario. Shutting the bar down won't get rid of the criminals - they'll just move into someone else's hood or take up permanent residence on your street.

Perhaps the residents of Forest Lawn Ave should have considered the proximity of the club before they moved in. One might also question London Public Library's decision to relocate the East end branch between two strip clubs, the other one only a couple of blocks east on Dundas. Remember, Central library didn't have problems with needles in the washroom until the branch moved downtown.

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Honey Pot said...

That place will be going bye-bye soon. That is wonderful. I like it when people get pissed off, and start fighting back against things that are detrimental to their communities. The criminals only congregate because of the apathy of the community. If a hood won't tolerate that shit, it won't be happening there. They best be careful with trying to close strip joints though, a bit more organized and dangerous in their criminal activities.