Sunday, April 16, 2006

The EU has a dictionary?

It does, and it would appear to be the first and best resource for looking up newspeak. From Turkish daily Zaman:

The European Union (EU) also admitted that the concept of “Islamic terrorism” is misused by racist groups in Europe and terror networks such as al-Qaeda.

The Union, taking action to rid such expressions, which are offensive to Muslims, from its dictionary, searches for new concepts behind closed doors. The European bloc is expected to release its new dictionary in June.

Works are underway to eliminate the expression “Islamic terrorism” from the EU’s current dictionary.

Both the EU and Europol have been seeking a new concept for some time for the expression, “Islamic terrorism”.

Many experts believe that the words “Islam” and “terrorism” must not be used together, and concluded that the use of such expressions “alienates” Muslims in Europe.

[…] Europeans have to formulate a particular method, dissimilar to that of the United States, for dealing with religion-based terrorism, said Rik Coolsaet, a professor of political sciences at Gent, and head officer of the Royal Institute of Belgium. The term “Islamic terrorism” has for years provoked objections from Coolsaet, whom the European Union conferred with over the upcoming edition of the dictionary.

“We have to care for the kind of people living here together with us, most of who have already worked very hard for citizenship from a European country. We should, therefore, desist from helping the right-wing extremists.”

The European outlook on Islamic terrorism, unlike the United States, does not view it as a problem brought in from overseas, said Coolsaet, who also spoke out against a reference from George W. Bush, President of States, to Islamofascism.

“That is a silly expression. Fascism is ironically a gift from Western Europe to the rest of the world. Islam, on the other hand, is a religion like any other religion, and cannot by any means be associated with fascism. The expression in question is invented with the intent of bolstering their assumptions and for use by neo-conservatives in the United States. This term is also in danger of being abused by such terrorist organizations as al-Qaeda.
Speak no evil, hear no evil… except, of course, about the United States.
The purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits proper to the devotees of IngSoc, but to make all other modes of thought impossible.
— George Orwell, The Principles of Newspeak: an Appendix to 1984

Update: Luc Van Braekel reported last year that this is hardly the the first foray by European officialdom into regulating the meanings and intentions of words:
An official multinational body has decreed that the surname of Jesus Christ should be written without a capital as from August 2006. That is, if you are using the Dutch language. Though today Dutch-speakers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Surinam write "Christus", next year they will have to change their habits and write "christus".

The change is part of a new spelling norm, to be published in a new edition of the so-called "Green Booklet". Previous spelling reforms date from 1946 and 1996.

Another novelty is that the word for Jew will be written without a capital ("jood") when designating the member of a religion, and with a capital ("Jood") when designating the member of a people. Not all jews are Jews, but not all Jews are jews either.

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TonyGuitar said...

The EU is simply trying to keep it*s fuel lines open. Cowering to Al-Qaeda simplistics will only earn them more contempt.

If MadMud AlmondJeans only understands the hammer, Bush may be correct to use that hammer.

Why would one presume that Iran has not got nuclear capability right now.

Iran is a nation of considerable wealth, so Belarus has very likely shipped plenty of shiny new nuke equipment.

It would be wiser to presume that Iran is filling out it*s delivery projectiles numbers and testing some as well.

Pakistan has probably supplied weapons to MadMud AlmondJeans.

I wonder what the tactical advantage of Bush giving a five day notice to clear the nuclear target area would be.

It would give AlmondJeans time to say uncle or something similar and clear the target area of woman and children..

The USA should have warned before Heroshima and Nagasaki. Our quarrel is with the military and equipment, not the common people.

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Design a new flag. How difficult can that be

A liberal red maple leaf has the value of simplicity for sure, but a new flag with some conservative blue and maybe a fleur de lis to include our smallest province Quebec...or just a gold maple leaf?

PS Any design ideas? Looking forward to seeing more designs. You can get ideas from ..