Monday, April 24, 2006

Cause of poverty and crime identified…

…it's that damned English!

English, a world-language with the richest of vocabularies and the advantage of a simple grammar, is a shambles when it comes to spellings. It is overdue for a clean-up. Anglophone societies, with their high rates of prison incarceration and illiteracy, will go on incurring great costs while spelling remains in its dysfunctional state.
— from a letter to the editor by Nigel Hilton in The Independent, via The Sporadic Chronicle

At least now we will no longer need the services of NGOs, community activist groups, unions, Linda McQuaig, the CBC, the United Church, university professors or the NDP… that is, not until after they have installed themselves in spelling reform committees, formed subcommittees, submitted preliminary reports and addenda, consulted with other committees, amended reports, surveyed public opinion, run performance analyses, interviewed experts, submitted final recommendations, approved monitoring and advisory agencies composed of spelling reform committee members, overseen public service ad campaigns, and filed expense reports.

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Pietr said...

Maybe we should all learn French.
Then we can be a bunch of lazy bums that burns people's cars.